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Dana Raykovich is a healthcare marketing consultant with more than 12 years of experience in the field. She started Milk & Honey Marketing in 2013 to help exceptional physicians grow their practice. Work/Life balance isn’t a buzzword we use. Family comes first. We work on a condensed schedule-- three days a week.


In 2018 our focus shifted from all-inclusive marketing services to website development. A well-built, HIPAA-compliant website with strategized SEO is becoming increasingly important for physicians to attract new patients. We’ve had incredible success building gorgeous websites for clients that increase patient base and ultimately make a huge impact on their bottom line.


There is an immense amount of potential in this field—the majority of web design agencies in the healthcare niche simply churn out template sites that don’t set their clients apart. Our websites are beautifully designed with excruciating attention to detail with an emphasis on photography, storytelling and keyword research.


Work. Realize your ambitions. Design your own schedule. That’s our philosophy. It’s the opportunity we offer to anyone who works with us. An opportunity to take what you do for a living and make it work for the life you want. We think work should be challenging, interesting & exciting in an environment that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Ready to get to work?


Milk & Honey Marketing was founded in 2013 by Dana Raykovich. She’s spent close to her entire career in health and wellness marketing. Hospitals, surgery centers, fertility, community wellness, physician practices, wellness trainers, breast cancer blogs—she’s done it. She knows her way around HIPAA and all of the other nuances and sensitivities that come with healthcare.


She’s a mom of three small kiddos and won’t skip a beat to prioritize the fam before business. Those needs don’t come up often, but she chooses to lead by example, as she also is co-founder of a company, HireZUU, that helps match employers with highly talented women that want to work from home. It’s called work/life balance. We tend to obsess about it here in Austin.


Other passions include good wine, a perfect latte - as a matter of survival - volleyball, yoga, writing music & just about anything outdoors in the fair city of Austin, Texas.


The rest of our team is comprised of a remote group of experts, meticulously hand-chosen to facilitate the pieces they can execute infinitely better than we can. 


You’ll be a good fit to work with us if you put people first. Are you passionate about what you do? Our life’s work is to help you do what you do, better ... to reach more people ... to make a bigger impact. 


Only kind-hearted people allowed!