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FORBES & FORTUNE: Increase your Valuation with a Strategic Website

Milk & Honey transforms the digital presence of healthcare organizations for maximum valuation.

*Originally printed in Forbes - Click here to read

Dana Raykovich is the owner and creative director of Milk & Honey Marketing—a boutique consulting firm specializing in HIPAA-compliant websites and strategic growth initiatives. She helps healthcare clients identify and communicate their highest net services, effectively propelling them to maximum valuation.

increase valuation of health tech company

“An impressive online reputation is vital when considering acquisition,” she says. “When potential buyers visit an ineffective website, they’ll question the company’s viability. Conversely, a well-strategized online presence leads to increased visibility, higher conversions, a healthier bottom line—and heightened interest.”

With an impressive portfolio, including private practices and medical device companies on the brink of FDA approval, Raykovich appeals to those ready to make their move. Her creative prowess and dedication to strategy seamlessly boost clients’ digital presence to attract attention and competitive bidding.

How your Website can Increase your Valuation

Enhanced Perceived Value: A strong brand and online presence can increase a company’s value by creating a favorable perception among potential buyers due to recognition, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Financial Performance: A well-executed digital marketing strategy can boost website traffic, conversions, and revenue, leading to higher valuation.

Market Visibility: A strategic online presence will broaden a healthcare company’s reach, generating greater interest and attracting more potential buyers, ultimately leading to competitive bidding and higher offers.

• Competitive Advantage: When coupled with a positive reputation, a strong online brand will set you apart from competitors and position your company as a leader in the industry, making it a more attractive investment to buyers.

• Growth Potential: A company with a solid online presence and positive engagement indicates a thriving business with potential for future growth. Buyers are more likely to invest in a company that demonstrates its ability to attract and retain customers.

• Data and Analytics: A well-optimized website offers valuable data and analytics that can provide insight into behaviors, opportunities, and market trends, which are immensely valuable to prospective buyers.

• Reduced Marketing Costs: An established brand and online presence can lead to more organic traffic and conversions. This reduced dependency on costly traditional marketing efforts can positively affect the company’s overall financial health and increase valuation.

A Strategic Approach to Web Design

“Designing a successful website starts with behavioral research,” says Raykovich. “We carefully assess our findings to develop detailed personas that go beyond basic demographics, uncovering customer concerns, desires, fears, and needs.

“Our clients know who they are and what they represent,” she continues. “They just need help telling their story in a way that resonates with their key demographic.”

Helping Healthcare Clients Prepare for Acquisition

“I love taking healthcare companies considering acquisition from one mindset to another,” Raykovich says. “When clients come to me, they’re focused on running a business. In the end, they leave with a beautiful website and brand strategy that helps them accomplish their revenue goals and improve their chances of appealing to ideal investors.


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